Saturday, September 8, 2012

Allied to Hope - man, woman, marriage and reaching the station of naivety

Everything Will be Fine
If I let go of Hope,
What else do I have?

So I hold Hope's Hand,
And I listen to Hope's words,
Assuring me and telling me
That everything will be fine.

I do not ask for much,
Only that Hope would tuck me to sleep,
That Hope would keep me company through the night,
And when I wake up, that Hope is there
To greet me with a new day.

Life began with Hope,
And life is sustained with Hope,
And even when we let go of Life,
It is with Hope that we walk away
From this world and all its strife.

The Saints understand,
The Companions understand,
And above all, the Prophet understands
What it is to be alive,
To be married or unmarried,
To be healthy or sickly,
To be a father, a husband,
A wife or a spinster,
To be a woman, or
To be a man.

It is funny. Although I have male readers, it is the womenfolk who sometimes drops a comment, either here or on my Facebook. And this, despite my long-held view that the spiritual station of women is different from the station of man. The path is different, and the views that they see are different from what we men witness.

Today an old friend confided in me his mystification with women, as represented (by proxy) by his loving wife. He he he. Join the club, I replied.

Perhaps there is no arrangement, no union or contract more closely allied to Hope than marriage. Sometimes, from what I see amongst my married friends and family, the Hope held is almost to the point of naivety and beyond. Some inscrutable and almost insanely held belief that 'everything will be fine', however sorely tested the marriage may be.

I envy such naivety. I hope to attain such naivety one day soon.

Have a lovely Sabbath, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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