Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Way of Muhammad, The Silk Road to God

On the Silk Road of God, my son is sometimes my companion,
sometimes my ward and trust, and sometimes my guide,
but I hope he shall always be with me.

Is it Love, or is it Something Else?
If you hear Love tell you,
"I do not know you..."
If you hear Love tell you,
"I do not care for you..."
If you hear Love tell you,
"I do not love you anymore..."

If you hear Love dismiss you,
"I am done with you...!"
You are only hearing yourself speak
On behalf of God because you cannot
Encompass what Love is to God,
Who by any other name is Love Personified
In means and ways that is beyond 
Man and the limitations of his mind!

But the heart of Man?
The heart of Man is another matter entirely,
For what issues of transcendental love
That may be pondered by the human heart
Is a secret known only to God and Muhammad!

God and Love. As a sinner I stumble and I make mistakes. And sometimes 'stumblings' and 'mistakes' come my way in the guise of accidents and unfortunate events. Like a flat tire. A parking summons. A letter of demand from the credit card company. A sickness. A death, even. All this sometimes make me wonder, even if only momentarily, "Why does this happen to me? Does God love me not?"

God is Love. But the truth is, if God is not Love Defined, then there is, in truth, a very short meaning to 'love' in our lives. Because otherwise, we shall have to limit our understanding to love within humanity only, with all our faults and indiscretions. 

Then Love has no End. I am happy to believe in God because Love becomes not a destination, but an unending journey with wonderful vistas to ponder over and profound and beautiful experiences for us to go through the many, many infinite layers of Love... as Love is subtly formed with each passing second of our life.

So I am always trying to learn Love / God. And be able to discern when it is my Lord that is speaking and when it is in fact my hurt or angry pride that is talking to me.

I have far to go. But I think there is no better path for humanity than this path. The Way of Muhammad, The Silk Road of God.

Keep me company, sunshine! I hate travelling alone!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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