Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Pebble of Love in the Nation of Muhammad - a little Italian Project

by Cristina Colombo

A Pebble of Love in the Nation of Muhammad 
Such is the nature of the Prophet, 
That if he would pick up a pebble, 
The pebble would begin chanting, 
Oh Love! Oh Love! Oh Love! 

Undone, unbroken, unmade, 
Drifting before finally the tide 
Of my desired fate brings 
Me forth upon this shore... 

Where I find artisans and princes, 
Peasants, the rich and the poor 
Of his nation crying out, 
Oh Love! Oh Love! Oh Love! 

The lesson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is not monopolized by any single class in the Nation of Muhammad, not the preachers in the mosque nor the politicians in their parliaments, not the kings in their palaces nor the poor in the gutter, not by the businessmen nor the housewives, not by the poets nor the writers, not by the gardeners nor the fishermen of the rivers, not by any race or nationality.. none can claim to have the sole right to speak of or for God.

Everyone, every man, woman and child, by virtue of being a Muhammaden and a Muslim, has an avenue towards the manifest mercy and love of the Lord, by any other name we call him Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh). 

And such is the Lord's affection for His Prophet that for those who seek Muhammad and inevitably comes to adore Muhammad (pbuh), success is given both in this world and in the next. There is no waiting for reward only in the afterlife. For if you have fallen in love with Muhammad (pbuh), Mercy to all the Worlds, you have already died to this world, and though people will still see you working hard, living and loving, striving to attain your ambitions, in truth, you have become like the pebble, made heart-shaped by the loving hand of Muhammad, and chanting that most eternal of dzikr, "ya-Wadud! ya-Wadud! ya-Wadud!" (one of the Lord's name to mean the Most Loving One

Cristina Colombo is an Italian artist residing in Milan. The hearts depicted in this posting is all hers. She has a talent (as these Italians do) of turning her passion into a work of sublime, provoking art (You cannot mention an Italian without working in the word 'passion' somewhere in your description. He he he). She has permitted me the privilege to unite some of her 'hearts' to my inchoate stumbling verses. You may visit her works at her Facebook page by Clicking Here.

Have a bright and lovely day,sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no Place in Islam 
Love will show the Way

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