Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Most Beautiful Woman Ever - remembering Adam and Eve...

Adam's Confession
Inscrutable and beyond me,

She places her head before me,
But I see her instead sitting upon a throne,

She cares for me and settles my worry,
But I see her planting her flowers in a garden of heaven,
Marking her place in the divine presence,
While we men still stumble about like clowns,

She smiles at me, having forgiven my error
But I see her completely, and I am the one mastered,

She bears my burden and gives me love,
And lo I cannot recall how and when God made her!

My life and my love
My only other.

My Eve.

The Beauty of Eve. It is in the lore of Islam that Eve was not only the first but the most beautiful woman ever created. For within Eve is the beauty of all her daughters and granddaughters that would come after her. So you know that when God created Eve, He wished for absolutely no doubt that Adam would quite literally fall besotted in love with her. So if you look at all the women that grace the magazines, television and the internet, you must remember that however heart-breakingly beautiful they may be, they are but a very small reflection of the magnificent beauty of the first Eve. But I don't know why I bother... I know my suggestion will soon be forgotten, because men will always be men.

And that is what makes life so wonderfully interesting. God baits us with the same thing, again and again! And again and again we fall besotted and love-struck. Just like the first Adam.

I do not want to write much today, this being Sunday. Just something to recall us to our ancient lineage, and to the fascinating story of our great and noble ancestors, Messrs Adam and Eve. al fatiha

Eve: I worry about our grandchildren sometimes...
Adam: I worry that a day will come when they won't
even recall we ever existed...

Have a good one, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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