Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Good News and the Good Ending - the thing about talking with God is to not interrupt Him...

Talking with God is always a knotty matter. But with patience
you can unravel the most beautiful of meanings... God
Set No Limit to My Love
My servant, My love, My friend…
Why are you sad and despondent,
Why are you angry and bitter,
Sorrowful and full of woe
Listening to what I am sharing with you?

For I have not finished speaking
And never will I...
As I am deeply, sincerely
And ever faithfully in love with you…

Not a step that you take,
Not a breath that you inhale and exhale
That is not in My plan for you,

So despair not if despair comes calling,
So worry not if you hear trouble
Knocking on your door,
For it will always be Me, your Lord, your God
Who shall always love you,
Forever more,

This you would know if only
You would let Me finish speaking...

So give glad tidings to those who would listen,
That I am this way, and I am the Right way,
The God that they forgot,
Who loves them, Who loves you,
With a Love that is beyond what you may think
To be a fair and true,

For I am the Most Fair,
I am the One Most Lovely,
And My name is Truth itself,
So set not any limit of Love unto Me.
Because I have no limit set unto Myself,

6am. I am sitting hear in my room, waiting for the birds outside my window to sing the songs of Dawn. They do it every morning like clockwork.

Last Saturday morning I spent some time listening to a dear friend, an old and ancient soul. "Do you know what is the source of human sorrow, hate, anger and despair?" He said. "It is firstly because Man sets limits on God's Love. And secondly, it is because they like to interrupt His speech and come to a premature conclusion. Because if life, both mortal and eternal, can be defined, it is an abiding and constant conversation between you and God. And all the bitter and hateful episodes in this life is attributable solely on your premature judgment on what God is saying to you."

I thought over what he said. And it is true. So true. Now the only thing is the patient contemplation to wait for the Good News and the Good Ending that God wants to share with us. I am good (some people say) at contemplation. But I am the first to admit that patience doesn't come easy. So perhaps there is some spade work for us to labour here in this world. Yet if you recall, are you not talking with God already? So truth be told, how can you not already be a winner...? We need simply to listen to Him. And not interrupt.

Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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