Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Pearl of the Universe and the Sufi Deep Sea Divers

"Good to go, Master!"

1. Deep Sea-Divers
We are the Master’s deep sea divers.
We have been given a life line,
Short and long, depending.

“Look for pearls!, they say,
…Look for pearls!”

I have been given one so long
That I can sometimes barely
Discern the sunlight above,
So deep have I gone,
Into the black depths
Of my sea.

But nay that I stray too long
That suddenly, I could feel the Master
Tugging hard on my line, saying
“Those things are not for you, enough!
Come up, come up!”

Unable to resist, I am pulled up,
A failure and a fool! Not even
A crummy pearl to show
For all my troubles!

“ I failed, o’ Master.” I said,
Looking distinctively disappointed.

But the Master only smiled,
Then he said these words,

“You have not failed me.
Do you think I am interested
In such worldly pearls that
Irritated oysters spit out?

Oh, no, my son.
The pearl I sent you
To look for, is you

Do you now see?"

The world, as a mirror of God's infinite wisdom, craft, beauty and compassion is a thing worthy of contemplation. But however wonderous this world may be, it is of a lower rung. A far second place to the life hear after that awaits us in the Divine Presence.

But in this world, there is yet great value, and indeed a thing of such immense worth that this world is a mere lay-by, a short stop for this thing in its journey from God to God. For God loves this thing and soon wants it back. Of course, this 'thing' is you.

That is why Sufi masters and other spiritual seekers always return to the same ancient message for all humanity - find yourself. find God.

And sometimes, you may be looking for pearls...
but you find yourself a bride instead!

Have a lovely day, sunshine. I plan to.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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