Thursday, September 27, 2012

God, the Atheists and the Believers - In the House of al-Akhir Part II, a Princely Tale

In the House of al-Akhir II
My Love is a House,
Beautifully built with all
The perfection and passion
Of the Perfect Builder,
That is Me,

My Love is a Garden,
Seeded to perfection of bloom
With the most pleasant and pretty
Of flowers and nourishing fruits
That the Perfect Gardener
Can bequeath, That is Me,

My Love is a Song,
Spun on the lips of lovers,
Sighing in their entwined passion,
And the eternal patience of
A love unconditional born
Of the Perfect Lover,
That is Me,

My Love is the morning
That greets you when you wake up,
My Love is the evening
That beckons you to rest and succor,
My Love is the Sun of daytime
And the Moon of twilight,
Created by the Perfect Creator,
That is Me,

My Love is a Story
Written by the Best Writer,
That is Me,

My Love is a Forest of your dreams and wakefulness,
Whether you are guided, whether you are lost,
You are in My Love always,
So why despair at all?

My Love is a Story
Yet to be written,
But promised unto you
By the Best of He Whose Promises are Never Broken,
That is Me,

The smartest, kindest and best-mannered of the Atheists do not set their accusations and arguments against God but against the followers of God and their mistaken, ill-judged and hubris-centric edicts on mankind.

Atheist, non-believers, however you would label
them, my eye is still towards them. In fact
each day brings me greater news of a better
tomorrow to come. How can I ever turn away
when a Prince in the House of al-Akhir,
the late al-marhum Shaykh Raja Ashman Shah
ibni Sultan Azlan Shah had never once turned
away from me? al fatiha
But in the midst of the intellectual conflict, alas, it is God that gets the bad name. But for a non-entity that Atheists think God to be, it is a triumph nonetheless, for however they protest, God is in their mind, though misunderstood.

Many Atheists are smart in fact, and as a sinner myself, I would be the last man to claim understanding of His Awesomeness, our Lord God. In fact, given a change of heart, a change of circumstances, I have a sense that the most sincere and intelligent Atheists would be among the best of believers. For such is their fealty to their dogma.

But at the cosmic level, we understand that things happen as they are meant to happen. Even disbelief is fated in the great tapestry of fate of the Weaver of Fate, that is Him, God. But at the individual human level, it is my hope that people, both believers and Atheists alike shall find God in the Universal Language of Love. After all, it is His Universe still.

I am resting my spirit on this thought today, while the world spins and orbits around the great mark of His Greatness, the life-giving Sun.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Jo said...

The Prince in crocs. Yes the one and only.

Milky Tea said...

The Prince in crocs that rocks my world... alhamdulillah!