Saturday, September 15, 2012

O' Lord, Are You with Me? - sinners' solace at night

1. O’ Lord, are You with me?
I was driving home
Late one night,
And I felt a tinge
Of uncertainty.
With worry, I whispered,
“O’ Lord, are You with me?”
And the Voice answered,

I was praying late
The same night,
And while prostrated
On the prayermat,
A sense of deep relief
Overwhelmed me,
So I whispered,
“O Lord, are You with me?
And the Voice
Again answered,

Unable to sleep
After the prayers
I was writing,
When I felt
Someone watching,
And then asking,
“O’ Taufiq, why are
You writing still
While others sleep?”

And I typed this reply,
“Because, o’ Voice,
You give me
No other choice”.

“I don’t?”, He asked.

And then I typed,
“Yes, you don’t. And thank You.”

Tracing a smile upon my face, He sighed and said,
“Oh, you are welcome, Taufiq.”

What is life if you cannot enjoy a quiet moment with your God, our One True Lord? And what is life, if alone and troubled, you cannot seek His company and gentle assurances? It is not virtue nor good character that drives us, but the need to find His Hope, besieged as we are by the world's problems, which often enough, is of our own making and error... lacking as we are of good character or virtues. 

Have a lovely Sabbath, sunshine.

Angel 1: There he goes again. Talking to himself ...
Angel 2: Weird fellow...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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