Friday, September 21, 2012

Mankind is Surplus Requirement to this World, time to Go Green - Atheism, Love, Humanity, God and the Natural World.

Physical World, Metaphysical Understanding
The world, physical in nature,
But its interpretation is wholly metaphysical!

Metaphysics basically mean ‘beyond’ physics, and is the science of understanding the Universe beyond its physical manifestations. It is thus a little sister to spirituality and religion.

For the Atheists, this world is wholly physical, and so too is its understanding. They will not countenance one single thought upon metaphysics, for they believe that it is a back-door to religion and God. They dislike God and His religion so much, blaming God for humanity’s own folly and weaknesses. But in their daily protestations of disbelief, they only bring God closer to us. And indeed inevitably to themselves, for how can you wrestle with an idea if you do not get your hands and mind in close?

He he he.

Life is about love. But of course for Atheists this would be difficult to accept. But the funny thing is that most of them do. No doubt they would provide some socio-biological necessity for the continuation of the human race as a reason why we keep falling in love. But why there be continuity at all? It is self-evident that this world does not need the human race to prosper, for if all of humanity were to suddenly disappear, would the Earth crumble and fall into a lifeless and barren planet?

Let’s face it. Mankind is surplus requirement to the existence of Earth. Earth would get on just fine without us. At least in the physical sense of things...

But we are still here. And alas, still reducing this Earth into a wretched slave to our destructive impulses and greedy consumption. How I fear the time of reckoning when God looks unto His creation and asks Mankind, “Oh what have you done with the world I have created?”

Something to ponder over, sunshine.

It is time to Go Green.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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