Monday, September 10, 2012

The Sad Old Bastard, the Prophet(pbuh) and the Best of Hosts

There is even a line of clothing for us. Hurrah!
Bastards & Bitches
Men can be bastards
Women can be bitches,
Men can be warlocks,
Women can be witches,
We can be all that and more,

Hard to live with,
Hard to understand,
A pain to listen to,
A rotten egg, through and through.

But men can also be Prophets,
And women can be Saints,
And many account as Companions
Of Muhammad, Seal of the Prophets,
Mercy unto all the Worlds,

Perhaps we are none of the above…
Perhaps we are just sinners,
But I am not willing
To give up on us yet, girl
Nor on love...

Some nice people actually wrote a field guide
about dealing with the likes of us. Dammit!
I reckon a lot of grief in our lives come from our own mistakes. I for one can account for more than a single moment of stupidity, even malice. Ah... yes, it's true, sunshine. Alas.

I can be a bastard of sorts. It is easy really, I just follow my ego and my temper. People closest to me can undoubtedly give you a thousand occasions of my bastard-ity. Perhaps not often malicious, so I reckon I would fall into the more benign version of a bastard - the sad bastard. Now at 42, you can call me the sad old bastard.

He he he.

I am not too worried about this. Perhaps I should be. But however dumb-ass I may be, I still recall an association to a Good of such manifest Goodness, that he would turn still to us bastards and bitches, though he is attended by the Best of Hosts. He being Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh), Prophet of God, Sweetest Nectar in the Garden of God, the Honey Sublime in the Hive of Creation -

207. The Waiting II
Muhammad is waiting under the Lote Tree,
Sitting under the shade of My Mercy,
Resting his back on the trunk of My Support,
Tasting the fruits of My Generosity,
Taking delight in the manifestation of My Beauty.

Attended to by the Best of Hosts,
He is already in the Best of Company,
Yet his gaze returns to thee,
Asking, “Join me! Join me!”

Of course I would write that, wouldn't I? Being known as a Muslim and all. A sad old Muslim bastard.

He he he.

Wonderful stuff you get googling for 'bastards and bitches' images.
Perhaps there is one or two people you know that might
be suitable for this moniker. he he he

Welcome to your first day of the rest of your life, sunshine!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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