Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The House of al-Akhir - the syariat, the tarikat and the fairest deal of them all

 The 2nd Obligation
Obedience to the Syariat
Is an obligation.
The Tarikat is the presumption
Of a second obligation,
That of love for God.
Love for the Prophet.
Love for the Saints.
Love for Man.
Love for the mightiest suns, and
The smallest grain of sand.

The Syariat (the Law) will bring you to the House of God, a Shaykh said. But it is the Tarikat (the Path) that will give you leave to enter the House of God and into the Divine Presence.

I am thinking about this... thus the Syariat is like a road map, with dead-ends, one-way streets, traffic lights, highways, bridges, overhead pedestrian crossings, junctions and roundabouts that channel the continuous traffic of human interaction with God and indeed, with ourselves.

It is the best way to avoid mishaps and accidents in our spiritual journey from Alpha to Omega, from Awal (the First) to Akhir (the Last). But arriving at the House of al-Akhir (House of God, Akhir being one of the known 99 names of God), there the road map ends. There you are in the Absolute End of human conjecture and presumptions. You furtively knock on His door, pleading like a homeless beggar, "Oh Lord... let me in..."

Were you knocking at any other door, what a waste and ruinous journey you have undertaken!

For at the House of al-Akhir there is the Door of Love, the Door of Compassion and the Door of Mercy - These divine attributes that can barely be imagined by our human mind, and is only recognizable in the expanse of Godly infinite quality and quantity through the prism of our heart. It is the Door beckoning all humanity, and calling unto the Nation of Muhammad to guide with exemplary conduct of Love, Compassion and Mercy! Woe unto us if we do any less - for the non-believers will have right to claim, "Oh Lord, these virtues You commanded Your Muslims to exemplify... this they did not do." Yup, you got that right, sunshine. Oh boy... are we in trouble.

Pray that I shall meet you somewhere along the Way, and together, as brothers and sisters united in the worship of the One God of all humanity, we will make our stumbling error-prone journey to God, in the name of Muhammad Habibullah (pbuh), the manifest map to the Divine Presence and mercy to all the world(s). Aye... mercy even unto the smallest invisible grain of sand. This is the standard we are called to live by. Tough? But you Muslims are granted the Best of Creation in the person of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So if it is tough... it is still the fairest deal of them all!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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